The Healing Power of Crystals

Hi guys,

hope all is well !!

Big confession, I was probably one of the biggest mockers of crystals out there so who would have thought I’d be here today bringing you an episode all about crystals (!) This is an audio episode and soon all of the audio episodes of Vibrate This will be launched on iTunes! But don’t worry, you can listen to it right now!

Hope you enjoy the episode and please let me know what you think by commenting (there will either be a comment box below or a talk bubble to the right of the title depending on where you find this page!)

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Saturday Night Live – Behind The Scenes Scoop on Technology

Hey guys, hope all is well!

Had a fun chat this week with Saturday Night Live DP, Alex Buono, who’s currently on an amazing tour around the U.S. with a workshop he created called The Art of Visual Storytelling!

Alex is very accomplished, both in filmmaking and cinematography (he was nominated for an Oscar for his short film, Johnny Flynton, and his feature length film, Green Street Hooligans, starring Elijah Wood, won not one, but two awards at the South By Southwest Film Festival!

In this episode we’ll hear first hand what it’s like working on this iconic show and how technology is leveling the playing field for filmmakers!

By the way, Alex uses the book The Visual Story by Bruce Block in his workshop! You can buy it at Amazon in the US, or If you’re in the UK, check it out here!

Enjoy the interview, and to comment, just hit the talk bubble (top right corner of this post!)


‘Beam Me Up Scotty’ Gets Closer!

The term teleportation was first coined in 1931 by American writer Charles Fort and, decades later, researchers are really getting the hang of it! First, in ’98, physicists at the California Institute of Technology successfully teleported a photon (a particle of light) one meter, then, in 2004, an Australian group managed to teleport a whole stream of photons from one side of their lab to the other (a great reason to have a Fosters!), and now what have they done? Researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute of Copenhagen are teleporting information between gas atoms and gas atoms! Why is this amazing? Because that’s one step closer to transporting fully solid matter which could mean that, somewhere down the road, you won’t need that bus pass!  Continue reading

From Harry Potter to Pixels!

Here’s something fun!

Director of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Chris Columbus, may soon be working with Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison productions to direct a feature length adaptation of Patrick Jean’s award-winning short Pixels. Enjoy! You’ll never feel the same way about Tetris again!
Original article here.

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Why We’re Not Having a Turkish Bath

A woman is fired at with a power hose. Uncredited photo from

As I sit, comfortably squished between the arm of my settee and my dog to my left, bundled under a puffy blanket (the dog, not me) I feel grateful. I love being at home. It feels safe. I love having pets and feel that the home is a small microcosm of life on planet earth, with issues to deal with (the dog and the cat each hold a craving for the other’s food) and things that require tolerance (the cat snores. I might too, but they’re unable to tell me and they seem well rested so I’m not overly concerned).  Continue reading

How Astronomers Take Such Beautiful Pictures!

Hi all,

hope you are well! This is just a quick post as I stumbled across a video and enjoyed it so much I really wanted to share it with you.

Wanted to also thank you for your patience while my series and accompanying podcast is in production. Things are going well (just slowly! Darn that production value!!) But I have some very interesting interviews coming up. Just taped one yesterday in Bexhill on Sea (South Coast of England) with an expert in crystallography. Fascinating stuff!

I promise also that I will reveal more about my own experience last year… I guess I’m just ‘weaning you in’ so that you’re not too taken aback when I get to it!
But back to the cool video! Throughout the years, when I’ve been painting my abstracts, many people have commented that they look like images from space. Here’s a couple of examples! This first one I actually titled Hubble as so many people said it made them think of outer space! It’s 36 x 60, acrylic on canvas.

And secondly, here’s Enterprise, 36 x 48, acrylic on canvas [sold].

I painted these before my appreciation of space photography began… perhaps foreshadowing it, who knows! And my interest in all things ‘Universe’ certainly skyrocketed after last year’s experience(!)

Hope you enjoy the video below as much as I did, and wishing you health and happiness until next time!

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Sneak Preview!! First Full Episode of Vibrate This!

More episodes coming VERY SOON! In the meantime, I personally invite you to sit back and relax for this candid interview with actor Kevin Sorbo! :)

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Sneak Peek!!

Sneak peek at the opening sequence of my brand new series, Vibrate This.

If you haven’t already, please subscribe (the field is below the video!) then you’ll be first to know when full episodes are up!! Hope you enjoy the clip! Music by Overwerk

Want to be a part of the global shift in consciousness? Sharing this series is a great start! Please share on facebook etc and spread the word! Thank you!

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Comedian Has Near Death Experience That Changes Everything!

Let us begin.

In February 2012 something happened to me that would change everything; an experience so out of the realm of our ordinary reality that I simply refer to it as ‘my experience’. Rather than being a stand-alone incident it began a chain of remarkable events that continue to this day.

Digging deep for research into a fantastical rabbit hole of diverse realms, from quantum physics to Shamanism and beyond, I continue to explore what happened to me, and why, and have learned that several terms describe my experience, such as Awakening, Enlightenment, Altered State, and Near Death Experience.

It has been, and is still, a remarkable journey into the truth, for, as it turns out, we are all inextricably connected on this roller coaster ride we call life on Planet Earth. Our lives are fleeting beyond belief, as are the very civilizations we are a part of. Like taking a bungee jump, we’ve come into this world to experience a quick thrill in a physical body and, as my research will indicate, we knew exactly the kind of jump we signed up for before we took the leap!

This site, and my series, Vibrate This, has been created to explore and expand the very life you’re leading now. The conversations are intended to uplift, inspire, and entertain as we meet amazing people from all walks of life, including some celebrities along the way.

Be sure to subscribe (top right), and in the meantime you are welcome to write to me or leave a comment below!!

Welcome to Vibrate This :)

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