The Healing Power of Crystals

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Big confession, I was probably one of the biggest mockers of crystals out there so who would have thought I’d be here today bringing you an episode all about crystals (!) This is an audio episode and soon all of the audio episodes of Vibrate This will be launched on iTunes! But don’t worry, you can listen to it right now!

Hope you enjoy the episode and please let me know what you think by commenting (there will either be a comment box below or a talk bubble to the right of the title depending on where you find this page!)

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Sneak Peek!!

Sneak peek at the opening sequence of my brand new series, Vibrate This.

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Comedian Has Near Death Experience That Changes Everything!

Let us begin.

In February 2012 something happened to me that would change everything; an experience so out of the realm of our ordinary reality that I simply refer to it as ‘my experience’. Rather than being a stand-alone incident it began a chain of remarkable events that continue to this day.

Digging deep for research into a fantastical rabbit hole of diverse realms, from quantum physics to Shamanism and beyond, I continue to explore what happened to me, and why, and have learned that several terms describe my experience, such as Awakening, Enlightenment, Altered State, and Near Death Experience.

It has been, and is still, a remarkable journey into the truth, for, as it turns out, we are all inextricably connected on this roller coaster ride we call life on Planet Earth. Our lives are fleeting beyond belief, as are the very civilizations we are a part of. Like taking a bungee jump, we’ve come into this world to experience a quick thrill in a physical body and, as my research will indicate, we knew exactly the kind of jump we signed up for before we took the leap!

This site, and my series, Vibrate This, has been created to explore and expand the very life you’re leading now. The conversations are intended to uplift, inspire, and entertain as we meet amazing people from all walks of life, including some celebrities along the way.

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